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Marijuana Accessories Every Stoner Needs

6 Common Marijuana Accessories Every Stoner Needs

As more states look into legalizing recreational cannabis in the coming years, we find ourselves getting high with a wide range of discreet, unique and efficient cannabis products. Gone are the days of rolled joints with notebook paper and crafted pipes from apples. If you are new to all this, you might be interested in the different accessories and gadgets that can elevate your high. Here are 6 tools and accessories that can help you get high. Pick one to give to a stoner friend or as a treat for yourself.

Session Goods Stash Jar

Stash jars serve as a vessel to store your bud where it will stay dry and maintain its flavor and effects. Stoners have long used plastic bags and glass jars, but it is hard to resist this modern container. It has a black-tinted body that reduces exposure and light, and a press-fit silicone lid that delivers an airtight seal. Inside in a built-in bowl stand and divided sections to organize extra pieces and parts.

Levo II Oil & Butter Infuser

The Levo II heats up raw cannabis flower to activate THC before infusing it with butter, oils, glycerin and honey. It is easy to use and clean with every component being dishwasher-safe, and setup is a breeze with its tips and instructions all found in its app. It looks like a coffee machine, which is great of you do not feel like explaining to your parents or housemates you are regularly making edibles.

Houseplant Block Tapletop Lighter

Featuring an iconic furnishing, the Block Tabletop Lighter looks like an art piece. However, it conceals a refillable butane lighter that can be used as an ashtray. Its design is inspired by Bauhaus things while its block profile was adopted because rectangles are the best shape by far. This chic piece can be used to accent your living room, and can be a way to let your visitors know that you are into the classy and sophisticated variety.

Lonzen Electric Herb Grinder

The Lonzen Electric Herb Grinder features stainless steel blades that will finely or coarsely grind flowers in mere seconds. Plus, it has a viewing window where you can check on the status of the herb. Its battery has enough to juice to last you at least a month. Measuring six inches in length, it is small enough so you can carry it practically anywhere you like to go to enjoy your marijuana stash.

Dangle Supply The Weird Market

When you are travelling, it can be hard to keep track of your marijuana essentials. Thankfully, the lightweight and trifold form of The Weird Wallet from Dangle Supply can help you. It is made with Dyneema fabric (the same ones used in ultralight outdoor gear) and features two pockets that can carry a pipe, flower and lighter. And because it is handmade, you know you are getting something high quality.

Pax 3 Vaporizer

Sleek and simple, the Pax 3 Vaporizer features a single-button design, along with better battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, adjustable heat settings, and ability to heat concentrate or flower. Indeed, this is one of the best marijuana vaporizers in the market today. Also included along with the vape is a magnetic charging cable, carrying case, cleaning kit, screens, two mouthpieces and keychain multi-tool.

It is cool to have the freedom to incorporate cannabis into your daily life. But it is even cooler have great accessories to help you have the best possible cannabis experience. Consider buying any of the ones listed above as they have been proven by both users and experts alike. Just make sure that you purchase them from reputable stores.

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