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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Consuming Cannabis

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Consuming Cannabis

Even when cannabis is already well known these days, there are still many people who have not tried it. Many of them find this plant intimidating, with some even considering it a gateway drug. The truth is it is not; some are just afraid to try it. Because of this, when they do finally decide to consume it for the first time, they usually make common mistakes that they could have easily avoided to make the experience more enjoyable. Below are five of the most common mistakes you should avoid when consuming cannabis.


Mistake #1: Assume You Will Not Get High

Even if you say that you will not get high, do not ever assume that cannabis will not have any effect on you. This will depend on the product you are using, and even a few puffs can already make you feel different. If you are not smoking a joint and using particular concentrate products like gear rigs, you can have more control over how you ingest the marijuana. Most of the time, you can expect to feel something after you use marijuana, even if it is your first time.


Mistake #2: Think All Marijuana is the Same

If your friend has a prescription for medical cannabis and you are offered some, note that this is very different from the weed that you buy from dispensaries. You should already be familiar with this if you have used marijuana before. Otherwise, it is crucial to be reminded that there are different high grade marijuana strains and variations of weed available. If you use marijuana from a different source from your first use, do not expect to be impacted or feel the same way. It may take some time to find out which strain is right for you.


Mistake #3: Smoke Pot like a Cigarette or Cigar

You might have noticed that a person holds a joint differently than they would hold a cigarette or cigar. This is because they are different. People merely puff weed, while cigarette smokers take long and slow drags. If you smoke cigarette and think that all those years of smoking is enough preparation for your first cannabis experience, you might want to think again. You will start to feel different a short while after your first puff of weed, so brace yourself for an amazing high.


Mistake #4: Smoking vs. Vaping

Do you want to slowly ease yourself into the marijuana experience without having to worry about strong effect or taste? Use a vaporizer for your first try. These small contraptions can help take the edge off the product and give you better control of inhalation. Ask a friend if you can use their vaporizer and learn how to use it. Weed is quickly becoming a socially accepted thing these days, so try to make the most of your interaction with your cannabis-lover friends and learn from them.


Mistake #5: Not Grinding Properly

For first timers, it is easy for them to skip the grinding step, thinking that it is not necessary. Some might opt to just grind the cannabis using their fingers, which can end up making a mess and will prevent you from getting the full experience. If you want to make the most of your first experience, it helps to invest in a grinder to prepare your buds. You can find lots of devices available in the market today to help you do this. You will likely do your first try with a friend, so ask them if they have a grinder you can borrow.


If you are having second thoughts with trying cannabis because you think there are too many things involved, or have worries about how it might impact you, follow the information above to help reduce some of that anxiety or contact Top BC Cannabis that not only sell premium cannabis products but also provides a 24/7 customer support to clear queries of its weed loving consumers.


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