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5 Best Marijuana Seeds For Beginners

Delving into the realm of cannabis growing for the first time has a steep learning curve. You might not have any clue about growing marijuana, but this does not mean that you cannot be a successful grower in time. To get started, keep things simple and stick to one that is easy to grow and will not give you too much trouble. Read on to learn the best marijuana seeds for beginners to help you get a strong start.


What You Should Look For


There are two main factors that you should look for when picking your first marijuana strain to grow: strength and resistance of the plant. Go with something that can fend for itself and does not need too much attention. Choose one that is not very particular with light schedules, exact nutrient levels and other things that can easily be messed up. Remember that this is your first growth so you are bound to make lots of rookie mistakes, so start off with the easy ones first.


Try Feminized Seeds First


Save yourself a lot of trouble by purchasing feminized seeds for your first crop. This will spare you the process of sex identification as well as eliminate the possibility of male plants preventing females from flowering. Feminized seeds offer the smoothest growing process possible. After you get some experience, you can start experimenting with a wide range of seeds available in standard strains. In the meantime, stick with the surest thing to minimize any failures.


Shorter Flowering Times


If you think you are patient enough, you can go with long-flowering seeds. But if you want, get something that is quick. You are already facing uncertainty on whether your first grow will flourish so might as well stick with something that grows fast so you do not have to spend so much time miserably waiting. First time growers prefer to go with a strain with a quick turnaround so they can see if what they are doing is right and get started on another batch as soon as possible.


Top 5 Marijuana Seeds


  1. Blue Dream Auto. This seeds has perfectly balanced Sativa and Indica genetics, offering an excellent balance of therapeutic high with an almost zero head rush. Blue Dream is notorious for its happiness and relaxation effects. expect around 120 grams of yield per seed within 70 days.
  2. Lowryder. One of the most popular autoflowering hybrids, this seed offers ease of use while growing and a clandestine look. It can go up to 40 centimetres when fully grown. This seed has a short flowering period, so expect about 4 ounces of yields in only 40 days.
  3. Blueberry Jack. This sativa dominant hybrid is well-appreciated among new consumers and growers. Giving an uplifting high with its 12 percent THC and 1 percent CBD, this strain is easy to grow and offers fairly decent yields in a matter of 70 days.
  4. Bubba Kush Auto. An evolved autoflowering version of a similar strain, this will let its users experience sleep, happiness and hunger all at the same time. This is suitable for indoor growing, producing a yield of up to 3 ounces in just 60 days.
  5. White Haze Auto.With its genetics coming from the White Haze, a cannabis cup winner, this autoflowering version starts to flower at a very early period at around the sixth week. It stands at about 35 inches and can produce 120 grams of yield all in one go.


Keep in mind that there are no guarantees if your grow will turn out good, even when you have studied all the available information to you. Things can unexpectedly go wrong, especially for newbies, which can prove to be very disappointing. Remember that the cost of a seed does not necessarily correlate to the quality of the strain and will not break the bank on your first grow.

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