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How Popular are Cannabis Drinks in Canada?

The selection of cannabis-infused drinks available in Canada today is impressive, considering that these types of products have only been regulated recently. With many varied formats, the options today include water-soluble drops, sparking water varieties and teas, among many others. Infused beverages are a great option if you do not want to eat or inhale […]

Why are weed drinks better than edibles

Do you prefer an orange or orange juice? Sometimes the choice is obvious and easy. Each option has its purpose and each person has their preference. Does the same go for all cannabis food products regardless of form and function? Let’s explore the wide world of cannabis beverages and see if weed drinks really are […]

What is the Process of Making Distillate for Infused Cannabis drinks?

The world of different cannabis concentrates for sale can be a disorienting world to navigate. Even for some seasoned veterans. There are solids, liquids and every consistency in between. Waxes, tinctures, distillates? What do they all do?  For now let’s focus on the two liquid forms that look very similar and are both found infused […]