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What is the Most Effective Way to Consume CBD?

Everyone wants to try CBD these days, and for good reasons. Cannabidiol (CBD) is already scientifically linked to several valuable medicinal properties, with many more under investigation. Canadians are leaping to buy CBD oil online to treat muscle spasms, inflammation, joint pain, stiffness, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. With so many applications, you may be wondering, […]


4 Reasons to Shop for Weed Online With Top BC Cannabis

  When shopping for weed online, it can be troublesome to find the right dispensary with everything you’re looking for. The best cannabis dispensary to shop with is Top BC Cannabis. Top BC Cannabis is here to help. Being a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, we have a wide range of cannabis flower, products, and […]


Potency 101: How Much Stronger is Wax Than Flower?

If you’re looking to take your marijuana experience to the next level, you may be curious about concentrates like cannabis wax. As more people delve into the wonderful world of concentrates, the accessibility and availability of these products are skyrocketing. This has left many cannabis consumers wondering, what is wax, and is it much stronger […]

Cannabis Tinctures

The Pros and Cons of Cannabis Tinctures

Many cannabis users love to inhale their herb. Rolling a joint and passing it between friends can be a smooth social experience. Packing a vape to take on the go for a discreet pick-me-up later can be just the ticket for a long day out. Yet other users prefer to steer clear of inhalation altogether. […]

Which Body Part Does Marijuana Affect the Most?

It’s easier than ever to buy weed online here in British Columbia. So it’s no surprise that more people are starting to experiment with cannabis – not just for fun, but to explore its medical potential too.   If you’re considering using marijuana, maybe for the first time, you probably want to understand its effect […]