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What's the Best High-THC Strain?

Top BC Cannabis: What’s the Best High-THC Strain?

Are you one of the people who don’t particularly care what you’re smoking as long as it gets you as high as it can, as quickly as possible?  you’re probably searching for high-THC strains when you buy marijuana online.  High-THC strains relax the body and are known for being great at reducing nausea, increasing appetite, […]


What Strains Make You Laugh?

Do you like to LOL, ROFL, or LMAO? A good, old-fashioned belly chuckle is hard to beat. That’s because laughing, like cannabis, is therapeutic. And this is why more and more people look to buy marijuana online. Recreational and medicinal cannabis users both have found cannabis to be a great catalyst for mood stimulation. Hollywood […]

Why is legal weed so expensive?

The legalization of marijuana was an exciting moment in Canadian history. Many people who previously felt inhibited by the idea of breaking the law were given the freedom to access marijuana as they pleased.    Whether it’s the liberty of smoking a joint more openly or being able to buy marijuana online with comfort, it […]

Does Weed Affect Muscle?

Many of us remember that famous video from the 1970s, where Arnold Schwarzenegger was seen smoking a joint with bodybuilding buddies. But what are the facts around marijuana and bodybuilding? Will getting stoned get you toned, and is pot the new protein?    If you want to buy marijuana online to complement your efforts in […]