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THC Level: 50-60%

Red Lebanese Hash is perhaps the most exotic hash in the world. Compared to American-style hash, Red Lebanese hash is produced with a very specific and unique method that’s hard to find outside of Lebanon and the Middle east.

Famously known for its deep, almost copper-like red colour, this type of hash spicy, earthy and extremely soft. Almost crumbling apart in the hands, the malleability and velvety-smooth texture of this hash delivers an equally smooth experience on the palate and throat. Effects wise, you can expect an aromatic and smooth finish with a powerful cerebral and body high coming on soon after toking up!

Exceptionally rare, it’ll be difficult for you to find a hash comparable to Red Lebanese Hash anywhere outside of Lebanon. Thankfully, TopBC has managed to secure this incredibly rare product so you can enjoy the rich, exotic taste of this truly one-of-a-kind hash. Order yours today!

This hash is soft and malleable which makes it easy to work within any situation. Sprinkle some red Lebanese hash on your joints or bong chops to provide that extra kick. The taste of this hash is very smooth and provides users with a relaxed high.


1 review for RED LEBANESE HASH

  1. Tim LaRoche

    Smoked with 4 others. Rated it 25/25👍👍👍. Smooth,clean,great texture. Most common comment was it was like being in the smoking area at Pickering High School in 1981😵‍💫. Would recommend to all

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