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Organic Pave (Rare Exotic) Popcorn



* While they are still considered a bud or nug, they are not the size of large buds that typically weigh multiple grams. Popcorn buds are usually the same size as a popped kernel of popcorn and offer nearly the same potency as whole flowers but at a reduced cost.


Pave strain is made by crossing Paris OG x The Menthol, offering special energetic & uplifting effects with a fresh smooth smoke. Pave has a fruity, lemon, and earthy accompanied with a sweet delicious aroma.

Pve strain review shows that it has a THC test of 27.2% accompanied with 3 best effects (creative, energetic & high). Pave has a sweet lemon candy aroma & reviews from cannabis researchers show it’s not for novice smokers. Pave is recommended for medical patients suffering from Anxiety, Insomnia, Fatigue, Pain and Cancer.



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