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MONTY’S Magic Drop Shot – 500MG


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MONTY’S Magic Drop Shot

Monty’s Drop shot Dosage

  • Each bottle is meant to be taken as a “shot”. Once mixed, consume entire bottle immediately.
  • Best served chilled

Product description

Flavours: Fruit Punch/ Blue Rasberry

Weight: 2 Oz/500MG Psilocybin

Ingredients: Sugar, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, tricalcium phosphate, silicon dioxide, brilliant blue FCF, amaranth, tartrazine, microground psilocybe cubensis.

Monty’s Magic Drop Shots are individual, one full serving of macro (or micro)-dose psilocybin.

It is unique product not found on the market. Grown and packaged in-house, each dose is precisely measured out and contain pure, organically grown mushroom. There are many advantages to the product:

Each bottle is:

Gluten-Free and Vegan

  • Awesome tasting
  • Potent active ingredient due to minimal processing (compared to edibles)
  • Travel friendly and shelf stable
  • Custom blend of ingredients for fast-acting results
  • Consumer will experience stable effects (opposed to waves when taken dry)
  • Gentle on stomach

Supercharge your party cooler with Monty’s Magic Drop Shots. They are an essential provision for a night out on the town, at a beach party, or camping in the wilderness. Anytime with Monty’s is a great time!

And perfect for Christmas parties and New Years Celebrations around the corner!




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